Offer: Our stocks of Classified Growths, generic brands and “Petits Châteaux” justify our reactivity face to the orders’ processing. Moreover, the quality of our relationships with the Finest Wines lets us to guarantee a supply of primeurs and of wines ready for delivery throughout the year.

Management: With a dynamic and participative management, the company can boast a total involvement of the team about the objectives of the company and the seeking of a total satisfaction from our customers. That’s the way the sizes of the company associated with the cohesion of our team confer on J.J. Mortier adaptability, reactivity, flexibility and competitiveness.

Mobility: With a view to an effective and active collaboration, we attach a great importance to listen to our customers and we stay at their disposal for any further needs or questions. This brings us to travel regularly in France and abroad to support our customers during trade shows, tastings, etc.

Finance: Our company enjoys a financial stability that allows it to carry each year part of primeurs’ stock in order to offer the wines to its customers when market conditions are the most favourable (vintage at maturity, favourable exchange rates, a great economic situation, etc.)..
It is thanks to this financial balance that our banks agree to guarantee our commercial transactions for any customer who requests it.

Financial partners: HSBC- BNP - BPSO - COURTOIS - CIC