The wine trader J.J. Mortier was founded in 1889 by Louis Mortier. Owner of Chateau gimbaud located in Saint-Andre de Cubzac (AOC Bordeaux red and white), he became from 1900 to 1920 the manager of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Pauillac 1er Grand Cru Classé. At that time, he was also elected President of the Agricultural Society of Gironde.

His son, J.J. Mortier, succeeded him in 1920 as a manager of Chateau Lafite Rothschild and manager of the wine trader.

In 1945, Yves Mortier took over management of the wine trader in collaboration with his brother-in-law Pierre Faugère, got into the company in 1931.
Following the sudden death of Pierre Faugère, Yves Faugère is then the only one as head of the business in 1959.

In 1966, Hervé Faugère, entered in the company in 1952, succeeded his father retired. Due to problems of succession in the same year, he negotiated the purchase of shares of J.J. Mortier with the very ancient wine house A. De Luze & Son, while remaining CEO of J.J. Mortier and retaining its commercial independence.

In 1973, De Luze is purchased by the British company Bowater, which in turn will be bought in 1981 by the company of Cognac Remy Martin.
J.J. Mortier follows the movement by keeping its relative independence. Hervé Faugere, in addition to his position as CEO of Mortier, is appointed by Remy Martin as Purchasing Director De Luze and responsible for various export markets.

In 1988, Hervé Faugère suggests Meidi-Ya to purchase J.J. Mortier to Remy Martin.
Meidi-Ya is in business relationship with J.J. Mortier since the beginning of the century and the relations of the two ruling families, Isono and Mortier, are made of esteem and mutual trust. It’s thanks to Meidi-Ya that the brand Mortier is now known in Japan and the company doesn’t want to lose the benefit of its efforts.
Finally, Meidi-Ya becomes the owner of J.J. Mortier on 1 October 1989.

J.J. Mortier leaves the Quai of Chartrons to move its offices at 62 Boulevard Pierre 1er, in Bordeaux, in a building acquired on 1 March 1995.
At the same time and to diversify its trading activity, J.J. Mortier buys Bordeaux Consultants, a wine merchant well introduced in new markets for J.J. Mortier.

The 1st March 1996, Jérôme Faugère, entered in the company in 1990, takes over from his father retired.

Since over 100 years, J.J. Mortier has a leading position in Japan with the company Meidi-Ya as a loyal partner, which is now the main shareholder of the company. Moreover, it is the official sole supplier to the Emperor of Japan.